React component for transitioning values and sets of values

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  import joinTransition from '';



import JoinTransition from 'join-transition'


React component wrapping d3.transition().tween(...) with a data join mechanism inspired by d3-selection but operating on generic data structures. npm install join-transition

  • values
  values={[value1, value2, etc]}

Required. Values to render, transitioning from previous values on subsequent renders. For transitioning a set, values should be an array, but otherwise it will be treated as a single value.

  • interpolate
  interpolate={(a, b, interpolate) => interpolate(a, b)}

Default. Expect d3.interpolate as final argument.

To pick a set of properties from each object to interpolate, import { interpolatedPicked } from 'join-transition' and pass interpolate={interpolatedPicked(key1, key2, etc)}. The rest of the keys will be transferred directly from latest values.

  • shouldTransition
  shouldTransition={(a, b) => a !== b}

Default. (Effectively required for mutated values.)

  • queue

Default. If the previous transition is still in progress, queue={true} will wait for it to end, rather than interrupting.

  • duration

Defaults to d3-transition default duration. Length of all values' transition (not each).

  • ease

Defaults to d3-transition default easing.

  • onTransitionEnd

Props applicable for transitioning sets (i.e. arrays)

  • identify

Default. String or function. Key for constancy (c.f. key argument to d3-selection data method)

  • enter/exit
  enter={d => { ...d, etc }}
  exit={d => { ...d, etc }}
  // or: enterOrExit={d => { ...d, etc }}

Values to transition from/to when entering/exiting.

  • stagger

Default. (0 <= stagger < 1). As a proportion of the duration, values' delays range from 0 to this value.

To transition values one after another, import { staggerInSeries } from 'join-transition' and pass stagger={staggerInSeries()}. Optionally pass a fractional overlap amount (defaults to 0).

  • orderBy
  orderBy={(d, i) => i}

Default. Determines stagger delay time (relative to other values).



  • children
  transitioningValues =>
    <g>{ => <circle {...value} />)}</g>  // ... for example

Required. Child must be a function that renders the array of transitioning values, which is a union of previous and current values in order of: exiting, updating, entering.