JavaScript OBject literal notation

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<script type="module">
  import jsob from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/jsob';


JSOB - JavaScript OBject literal notation

Like JSON, but a bit less of a pain. Uses an actual JS parser (acorn) to read object literal syntax (including comments!), without running the code. Only supports JSON-compatible types (numbers, boolean, strings, objects, and arrays). No need to worry about quoting keys and all that junk. If it's valid JS, it should be valid JSOB!

📦 JSOB package

This project is not particularly well tested, so maybe don't use it in prod!

Here's some JSOB:

  msg: 'hello!',
  'quotes': "optional but fine!",
  // this is a comment!! wowww
  'multiline support': `
    Yup! You can't use tags or substitutions,
    but otherwise go for it.
  // why not have a trailing comma while we're at it?
  last: 'property',


const JSOB = require('JSOB');

let obj = JSOB.parse(`{
  msg: 'hello!',


  • much, much bigger test suite
  • non-JSON serialization with options
  • self-contained parser- we don't technically need a whole JS parser so this could be a much smaller package