JSON canonicalize function

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JSON canonicalize function

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JSON Canonicalization

Cryptographic operations like hashing and signing depend on that the target data does not change during serialization, transport, or parsing. By applying the rules defined by JCS (JSON Canonicalization Scheme), data provided in the JSON [RFC8259] format can be exchanged "as is", while still being subject to secure cryptographic operations. JCS achieves this by building on the serialization formats for JSON primitives as defined by ECMAScript [ES6], constraining JSON data to the I-JSON [RFC7493] subset, and through a platform independent property sorting scheme.

✨ Features

The JSON Canonicalization Scheme concept in a nutshell:

  • Serialization of primitive JSON data types using methods compatible with ECMAScript's JSON.stringify()
  • Lexicographic sorting of JSON Object properties in a recursive process
  • JSON Array data is also subject to canonicalization, but element order remains untouched

🔧 Installation

yarn add json-canonicalize

🎬 Getting started

Let's demonstrate simple usage with ... example:

import { canonicalize, canonicalizeEx } from 'json-canonicalize';
// Add `include` and `exclude` options to `canonicalizeEx`.
canonicalizeEx(obj, {exclude:['num', 'dt']}

// add canonicalize to JSON directly.
// which means
// JSON.canonicalize = canonicalize;
import from 'json-canonicalize/src/global';

🥂 License

MIT as always