Database split between folders and json files

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Database split between folders and json files.

By introspecting on folder structure, JSON FS DB stores information where you wanted it to go, crossing the boundary between filesystem and JSON.


See OpenSourceOutdoors/OpenSourceOutdoors for an example of usage.

  1. Basically, start by building a folder heirarchy that makes sense for your data.
  2. Put empty js files where you want files of data to be stored.
  3. Now you can get, set, and link your data with the API.

First require the lib and tell it your root:

const { get, set, link } = require("json-fs-db")("./data");

Pretend this is your folder structure:

├── one/
│   ├── red.js
└── two/
    ├── fish/
    │   └── eggs.js
    └── blue/
        └── green.js

Now, say you wanted to add a key called ham with the value yum to eggs.js.

await set("two.fish.eggs.ham", "yum");

That was easy, but what if you want to nest something in green.js.

await set("two.blue.green.something.nested.deep", "okay");

Yeah, whatever, just saving things to a file, what if you want to link something in red.js to something in green.js.

await set("one.red.something", link("two.blue.green.something"));

Now how do I get the value of something nested deep in red?

const result = await get("one.red.something.nested.deep");

console.log(result); // prints "okay" 

What it isn't

This is not a database that you would want to build and scale an app on.


I want to manage data in a curated/decentralized way that uses github to manage the source of truth. I would just write the data manually, but I would rather be able to manipulate this data programmatically to make my life easier. This database will make it easy to manage my data while still structuring the files in a way that makes sense to me.