An eloquent JSON Resume theme: fluent, persuasive, for developers. See it live.

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An eloquent JSON Resume theme: fluent, persuasive, for developers. See it live.

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Online demo


  • Mobile First theme based on Bootstrap.
  • Download your resume with a single click, in a single file.
  • Keep your resume offline if you want to: the theme is self-contained.
  • Obfuscates your email address and phone number from spam bots.
  • Great Font Awesome icons.
  • Gorgeous Open Sans web font.
  • Optimized for print and screen readers.
  • Contains Schema.org markup to make the most of your content.
  • Uses Open Graph & Twitter metas to improve social sharing.
  • Optionally use Google Analytics to track page views on your resume.
  • All fields are optional, pick what you need!


Install the theme,

npm install --save jsonresume-theme-eloquent

Then use it:

'use strict';

var theme = require('jsonresume-theme-eloquent');

var resume = require('./resume.json');


Install the project with:

git clone git@github.com:thibaudcolas/jsonresume-theme-eloquent.git
cd jsonresume-theme-eloquent
npm install
# To actively work on the theme.
npm run start

To run the tests locally:

# To create a reference resume export.
npm run test
cp test/resume.html test/old-resume.html
# To compare the result of your changes against the reference.
npm run test
diff -u test/old-resume.html test/resume.html

To release a new version:

npm version minor -m "Release %s"
git push origin master
git push --tags
npm publish

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