A flat theme for JSON Resume, compatible with the bleeding edge resume schema

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A flat JSON Resume theme, compatible with the latest resume schema. Inspired by jsonresume-theme-flat.

  • 💄 Markdown support
  • 📐 CSS grid layout
  • 🌗 Light and dark modes
  • 🧩 Standalone CLI
  • 📦 ESM and CommonJS builds

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npm install jsonresume-theme-even


With resume-cli

resume-cli comes with Even and uses it by default, so you don't even (pun intended) need to install the theme yourself:

npm install resume-cli
npx resume export resume.html

With Resumed

Resumed requires you to install the theme, since it does not come with any by default. It will then automatically load and use Even when rendering a resume:

npm install resumed jsonresume-theme-even
npx resumed render

See example.

Standalone usage

Even comes with a barebones CLI that reads resumes from stdin and outputs HTML to stdout. This allows usage without any resume builder tools:

cat resume.json | npx jsonresume-theme-even > resume.html

See example.