Extensible and reactive file-system library that keeps it simple

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Extensible and reactive file-system library that keeps it simple

User documentation

:kiss:fs supplies a standard API for the most basic file-system operations: CRUD of modest sized text files and directories, as well as listening for changes to files and directories. If you're looking to build a folder tree visualizer or manager, or a tool for viewing and editing any text file in a directory tree, :kiss:fs is what you're looking for. For simplicity and supportability, we are keeping the focus narrow so that it can be widely implemented and extended over a wide range of data sources, such as local file systems, remote git APIs, cloud-based file systems, etc. For example, you can use it to run a rename script on an in memory directory for testing purposes and then run the same script on the directories requiring the change.

There is currently no support for meta-data (timestamps, permissions, etc.), binary content or data streams. So if you're writing a log viewer or an all-in-one file system manager, this may not be the right tool for you and we suggest you try vinyl.

Feedback, questions and contributions always welcome via issues.

usage code examples

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developer documentation

how to build and test:

  • clone the repository
  • in the cloned folder, run npm install
  • run npm test to build and test the code in both nodejs and browser

how to debug (browser):

  • run npm build:watch to start transpiling all source files to es5 whenever they change (CTR+c to exit)
  • in a different window, run npm start to run a development server that watches the es5 files and serves them to the browser
  • open http://localhost:8080/webtest.bundle to run live tests that will update while you change the source code

similar solutions

  • vinyl - a standard API for file descriptors, designed for gulp. More complex than :kiss:fs.
  • vfs - a file-system API with HTTP transport layer. More complex than :kiss:fs.