Nested query string support for Koa using LRU cache.

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Koa Query String LRU

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By default, Koa uses the native querystring module which does not provide nesting support and caches parsed results in a plain object regardless of his size.

This pathes a Koa app with:

  • qs (a querystring parsing and stringifying library with some added security)
  • lru-cache (a cache object that deletes the least-recently-used items)


$ npm install --save koa-qs-lru


var koa = require('koa')
var qs = require('koa-qs-lru');

// qs & lru-cache default settings
var app = qs(koa());

// custom settings
var app = qs(koa(), {
  cache: {},     // lru-cache options
  parse: {},     // qs -> parse options
  stringify: {}  // qs -> stringify options

Check qs and lru-cache packages for API documentation.


var koa = require('koa')
var qs = require('koa-qs-lru');

var app = qs(koa(), {
  cache: { max: 1000 },         // Keep last 1000 used query objects in cache
  parse: { parameterLimit: 1 }  // Parse only the first parameter

app.use(function *() {
  this.body = this.query;