kodmunki authentication

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  import ku4nodeAuthentication from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ku4node-authentication';



kodmunkiā„¢ Utilities for Node Authentication


Access Modifiers

ku4node-authentication uses a convention for access modifiers as follows:

Modifier Character Description
Public N/A Public members may be accessed by all internal and external dependents. They are default members and have no conventional modifier.
Protected $ Protected members may be accessed by children
Abstract $ Abstract members are Protected members that expect to have implementation details defined by children.
Virtual $ Virtual members are Abstract members that have a defaulted defined implementation that can be and will plausibly be overridden by children.
Private _ Private members should only be accessed by the defining class.


Markdown documentation for this project can be found in the README.API.md. JSDoc HTML can be found by running npm run docs and navigating to ./jsdoc/index.html.


Linting, testing, and coverage checks can be performed by running npm run check.


Distribution package can be build with npm run build

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