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Fast. Easy. Awesome components. Light-weight, robust and fully-featured. Works with Angular, React, & Vue! Great for simple Web, Enterprise Apps at scale, and everything between.

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Form-validation, input-masks, focus-traps, responsive grids, carousels, tab-lists, and more in Angular, React, Vue, and Web apps. All with the same simple, declarative mark-up.

NO JavaScript. NO cumbersome state-management wiring. NO boilerplate.

Just simple, declarative mark-up, compatible with the code you already have, and portable across all platforms.

Write once. Use everywhere.

If you can render HTML, you can render ku4web-components!


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Default component root styles, CSS variables, and starter styles in styles directory. Copy and customize root.css to set desired values. Optionally, use styles.css for quick start.

Release Notes

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