> Little port forwarding tool

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  import kubernetesForwarder from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/kubernetes-forwarder';


Kubernetes Forwarder

Little wrapper around kubectl to facilitate port forwarding and to rapidly restart a previous session.


  • Node (8+) must be installed
  • kubectl must be installed and configured correctly

How it works

Run kubernetes-forwarder

First you select select a namespace and then the pods to forward to. Notice that you'll need to have access to those namespaces in order to be able to port forward.


The program uses the package config store to store your last connection. When you rerun the command, the last connection will be reused. If you want to override the last connection, run: kubernetes-forwarder new.



Build the project

  • Build yarn build
  • And run yarn start, run yarn start:new to override the last connection in the config