Localization for Leaflet.draw, changing between languages is now effortless.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import leafletDrawLocales from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/leaflet-draw-locales';



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Localization for Leaflet.draw, changing between languages is now effortless.


$ npm install --save leaflet-draw-locales


import drawLocales from 'leaflet-draw-locales'

// Automatically defines Leaflet.draw to the specified language

// Customize locale language
const locale = drawLocales('fr')
locale.draw.toolbar.buttons.polygon = 'Awesome polygon!'
L.drawLocal = locale


Code Language
de German
en English
ar Arabic
fi Finnish
fr French
hu Hungarian
it Italian
ka Georgian
es Spanish
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ru Russian
uk Ukrainian
cs Czech
sk Slovak
nl Dutch
no Norwegian
am Amharic
zh Chinese
tr Turkish

Submit a language

  • Fork this repo
  • Install node modules with npm install
  • Copy-paste an existing .ts language from src/locales/ as your template
  • Include your new language in src/index.ts, it should be included at:
    • The import at the top, import your new file
    • The language contant should get the 2 letter identification for the language
    • The switch-case should be updated to support cases for your language, setting the locale to the 2 letter code for the language
    • The Language type should be edited to include a union of all possible cases for the language you added
  • Include your language in the table in README.md
  • Run npm run test && npm run build to confirm your code works properly
  • Submit your locales via a GitHub PR