Leaflet SVG viewer for non-cartographic high-detailed schematics

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<script type="module">
  import leafletSchematic from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/leaflet-schematic';


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This is a set of tools to display and work with non-cartographic large high-detailed SVG schematics or blueprints. SVG is a perfect format for the task - it's vector, relatively compact, has all the means to work with templates and symbols, so it can really be a great representation and metadata container at the same time.


var xhr = require('xhr');
var SVGOverlay = require('leaflet-schematic');

var map = L.map('map', { crs: L.CRS.Simple });
L.svgOverlay('/path/to/svg.svg', {
  load: function(url, callback) {
    // your/your library xhr implementation
      uri: url,
      headers: {
        "Content-Type": "image/svg+xml"
    }, function (err, resp, svg) {
      callback(err, svg);


The problem is that if you want to work with the SVG as with image overlay, several technical limitations and performance issues strike in:

  • you cannot work on larger scales with the whole canvas because of the dimension restrictions of browsers
  • you have to scale the drawing initially to fit the viewport on the certain zoom level
  • IE (as always) - I wouldn't even call that "SVG support"
    • <use> elements have a special freaky non-compliant API which is also broken
    • css-transforms - unsupported
    • translate() + scale() transform on <g> -doesn't work, use matrix
    • horrible performance - the more SVG nodes you have the slower it is


  • Use leaflet viewportized layer container to render part of the SVG with padding
  • scale SVG to fit the viewport and zoom levels
  • pack SVG contents into moving <g>
  • for IE - hardcore hacking:
    • render SVG > base64 > <canvas>
    • replace SVG with this canvas on drag and zoom
    • also keep a hidden PNG rendered to overcome IE's performance drop on image scaling, somehow it works like a directive to switch the faulty smoothing off

Know issues

  • SVGs without correctly provided viewBox work really badly and I cannot yet figure out why. I'm trying to calculate viewbox from the contents, but it still looks broken in rendered canvas