A pure JS library for extracting image/video attributes such as width, height, size, and mime type

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Have you ever wished for the ability to retrieve image or video file attributes such as width, height, size, and mime type in Node without having to resort to external libraries such as ffprobe?

Yeah, me too! This is why leather was created. At the moment, the only package that does something similar is image-size and while it does work well, it does not handle video formats.


leather uses streams to read image and video files in byte-sized chunks. As soon attributes have been extracted, the stream will be closed. Some file formats have a well-defined fixed position in which these attributes can be found, in those cases, leather skips any bytes before that position and reads only the bytes needed to extract attributes directly.

However, sometimes the byte offset of these attributes may vary, in these scenarios leather makes a best-effort attempt to read as few bytes as possible to get to the good stuff!


Before leather, if you wanted to do something like this in Node you would need to install image-size to handle images and either use ffprobe directly or using some kind of wrapper package to handle video files.

While I love ffprobe for its capabilities, setting up a cross-platform package requires some configuration. This package aims to solve that by steering clear of any command-line tools which makes it more portable.

Node support

Node version 12.20 and up are supported.


Install the package locally using npm:

npm install leather --save

Or using yarn

yarn add leather


After installing the package, it can be imported using commonjs:

const {attributes} = require('leather');

Or using ES modules:

import {attributes} from 'leather';

Then, it can be called on supported image and video formats:


// => {width: 200, height: 200, size: 40000, mime: 'image/jpeg'}

The width and height are pixel based. The size is the same as fs.stat. If the width or height could not be extracted, they will default to 0. The mime type is also returned if found, otherwise undefined.

Using specific extractors

If you are only using one or a few of the extractors, you can opt to require only the extractors you need, e.g. for jpg/jpeg using commonjs:

const {attributes} = require('leather/extractors/jpg');


// => {width: 200, height: 200, size: 40000, mime: 'image/jpeg'}

Or using ES modules:

import {attributes} from 'leather/extractors/jpg';


// => {width: 200, height: 200, size: 40000, mime: 'image/jpeg'}

Supported formats

All supported image and video formats can be found in the table below:

format extractor mime type
bmp bmp image/bmp
dds dds image/vnd.ms-dds
gif gif image/gif
icns icns image/x-icns
ico ico image/x-icon
cur ico image/x-icon
j2c j2c image/x-jp2-codestream
jp2 j2c image/jp2
jpg jpg image/jpeg
ktx ktx image/ktx
png png image/png
pfm pnm image/x-portable-bitmap
pam pnm image/x-portable-bitmap
pbm pnm image/x-portable-bitmap
pgm pnm image/x-portable-bitmap
ppm pnm image/x-portable-bitmap
psd psd image/vnd.adobe.photoshop
svg svg image/svg+xml
tiff tiff image/tiff
webp webp image/webp
xpm xpm image/x-xpixmap
xbm xbm image/x-xbitmap
fit fit image/fits
cel cel application/octet-stream
hdr hdr text/x-mpsub
avi avi video/x-msvideo
fli fli video/x-flic
flc fli video/x-flic
flv flv video/x-flv
mng png video/x-mng
mp4 mp4 video/mp4
mov mp4 video/quicktime
ogv ogv video/ogg
mkv webm video/x-matroska
webm webm video/webm
wmv wmv video/x-ms-wmv


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