lemonce probe test runner

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<script type="module">
  import lemonProbeCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/lemon-probe-core';



Easily test your web application.

Write and run test for your web project with a browser based GUI editor.

This is the core of the lemon-probe project. If you want the full featured editor (e.g. case editor) you must edit the entry js file and require() additional JavaScript file.

This project was develop based Angular 1.5.x. You can create an extension if you are familiar with angular.


Editor mode: works well in all modern browsers.

Runner mode (extension): work on IE9+(require additional config), Firefox 30+, Chrome 30+, safari 8+ and other web-kit browser (Android web-kit, iOS safari).


npm i --save lemon-probe-core


You can customize lemon-probe the way you want easily. You just have to create a simple HTML. It looks like:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ng-app="probe">

<!-- Suggest to use 'utf-8' -->
    <meta charset="utf-8" />

<!-- Some config items in window.config, must in the first. -->
    <script src="./config.js"></script>

<!-- Load the probe-core (relative/absolute path or inline JavaScript). -->
    <script src="[path/lemon-probe-core.js]"></script>

<!-- other extensions -->


Or you can just download the latest official edition and get started.

With NPM

As a npm package:

npm install --save-dev lemon-probe-core

In your project the lemon-probe-core.js path may look like:

<script src="./node_modules/lemon-probe-core/dist/lemon-probe-core.js"></script>


If you download the official edition, put the probe.html in the root of your web-server. (You can put it anywhere in the project.)
Start the server and open it in a browser.

 |-[other project files]

The url will be something like http://localhost:8080/probe.html. Type an url in the address bar and start your test.

If you have a testing team, you may need a proxy server. Drop probe.html in your proxy server and then each team member will be able to access the probe in browser to start his work.

Anyway, you have to keep the origin of probe.html to be the as your project.


Probe extension

  • lemon-probe-extension-project
  • lemon-probe-extension-task


  • lemon-cloud-core
  • lemon-cloud-extension-task


  • lemon-manager-core
  • lemon-manager-extension-task


Before doing any customization, make sure to create a config.js file in the root of the project directory. This file will store your environment setting.

Public service


Write a simple case by LC2.

LemonCase 2


GPL-3.0 (https://opensource.org/licenses/GPL-3.0)