Remind users to install ISRG Root X1

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<script type="module">
  import letsisrg from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/letsisrg';


Let's ISRG

Remind users to install ISRG Root X1 (if they need to). Inspired by https://browser-update.org.

See demo.

How it works

We can already issue certificates on ISRG Root X1 using the preferred chain option. This script tries to load https://valid.isrgrootx1.top to see if the browser detects an error. If the request failed, the script tries to load https://isrgrootx1.netlify.app to see if network is connected. If there is network connection but there is an error loading the first URL, there is a big chance that ISRG Root X1 is not recognized by the browser.



<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/letsisrg/dist/letsisrg.js"></script>

or, import:

import 'letsisrg' // require('letsisrg')


Options are stored in the window.$letsisrg object. The main script executes 50ms after script load, so you can specify options after importing:

import 'letsisrg'
window.$letsisrg = { defaultLanguage: 'zh' }

options (all optional):

  • messageLink: the href on the "Learn more" link, not sanitized.
  • messageHtml: the HTML of the reminder.
  • serviceName: The reminder will include this string if this option is set, do not set if your site is not using a Let's Encrypt certificate.
  • defaultLanguage: The fallback language code, defaults to en.
  • render: pass a custom reminder render function here if you need.
  • noStyles: when passed true, the script will not insert the stylesheet to the document; you should include your own stylesheet or else the reminder would appear at the very bottom at your site with no styles.
  • testUrl: the URL to perform the main test, should be using a ISRG Root X1-signed certificate.
  • testConnectivityUrl: the URL to perform the network connectivity check.
  • callback: a function to be performed after the test. payload would be one of:
    • { skipped: true, reason: '...' } if the test is not performed.
    • { error: '...' } if an error occurred in the test.
    • { supported: true } if ISRG Root X1 is supported.
    • { supported: false } if ISRG Root X1 is not supported.
  • ignoreVersion: skip browser version test.
  • ignoreTested: by default, when a test succeeded, we will not test again in a week. Pass true to this option to skip the check.
  • ignoreTime: by default, no reminder will be shown if DST Root CA X3 has already expired. Pass true to this option to skip the check. You may also want to enable testOnIos.
  • testOnIos: iOS could figure out the signing path to DST by itself, so checking in iOS before DST expiry is meaningless. Pass true to also test on iOS.
  • testOnBots: bots may have extremely old browsers, and showing the reminder on bot visits may cause the reminder to be shown on search engines. Pass true to also test on bots.
  • forceTest: ignore all pre-checks, forces to perform the test.

Additionally, the reminder is always shown if the URL on script load contains #test-letsisrg.

Content Security Policy (CSP)

If you use a CSP, this script will need an unsafe-inline directive for style-src. You can use your own styles and specify noStyles if you do not want to include the directive.


  • May have false positives when network is unstable.
  • Currently there are no way to test on iOS.
  • Windows and macOS support is untested.