A wrapper for gulp-angular-filesort intended for use with gulp-watch

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  import lgAngularFileSort from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/lg-angular-file-sort';



Splits angular-file-sorter into two streams, one which injects angular depdencies into files and another which updates the dependency list each time it is written to. This allows one to use angular-files-sort with a watcher to intelligently perform injection on different file sets.


The injector consumes an identifier and a glob describing the angular files being injected and returns a stream generator which produces a stream that injects the specified angular dependencies into the files passed into it.

The updater consumes an identifier and returns a stream generator which generates a stream that updates the dependency list associated with the injector sharing the identifier. Each time data is piped into the stream the dep list is updated and all files that have flowed through the injector are re-injected.


lazy-gulp usage

var angular = require('lg-angular-file-sort');
var lg = require('lazy-gulp');

var ruleset = [ 
      files: '*js',
      description = [ updater('main') ]
      files: '*html',
      description = [ injector('main', '*js') ]

gulp.task('watch', lg.compile(ruleset, 'build', 'watch'));

regular gulp file

var watch = require('gulp-watch');
var angular = require('lg-angular-file-sort');


  .pipe(angular.injector('main', '*.js')());