programmatic API for cipm: a ci-oriented package installer for npm

Usage no npm install needed!

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Note: pending imminent deprecation

This module will be deprecated once npm v7 is released. Please do not rely on it more than absolutely necessary.

libcipm installs npm projects in a way that's optimized for continuous integration/deployment/etc scenarios. It gives up the ability to build its own trees or install packages individually, as well as other user-oriented features, in exchange for speed, and being more strict about project state.

For documentation about the associated command-line tool, see cipm.


$ npm install libcipm

Table of Contents


  • npm-compatible project installation
  • lifecycle script support
  • blazing fast
  • npm-compatible caching
  • errors if package.json and package-lock.json are out of sync, instead of fixing it like npm does. Essentially provides a --frozen install.