common functions et al for manta services

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This repository is part of the Joyent Manta project. For contribution guidelines, issues, and general documentation, visit the main Manta project page.

This repo serves to hold any/all common code that is shared between Manta components. Currently a mahi client, the indexing ring client, and some common utils exist.


You'll need an existing Manta deployment to run the test suite. You should set the ELECTRIC_MORAY environment variable to the hostname or IP address of an electric-moray instance in your deployment and the MAHI_HOST environment variable to the hostname or IP address of an authcache instance in your deployment. As an example, in a deployment called emy-10 with DNS configured in your development zone, you might set these to:

$ export
$ export
$ make prepush

Release process

Manta components that use libmanta should use versions tagged in git via:

"libmanta": "git+"

To release a new libmanta:

  1. Make one or more commits that include updating the package.json "version" field.

  2. Get that commit approved and integrated via a pull request.

  3. Update your local copy and run make cutarelease to git tag and push.

(Note: Some earlier version of libmanta were published to npm. That practice is deprecated for this module because "libmanta" isn't a generally useful module that has a place in the npm registry.