lift functions so they can handle Results as if they were plain values

Usage no npm install needed!

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lift functions so they can handle results as if they were plain values.


With your favourite package manager:

  • packin: packin add lift-result
  • component: component install jkroso/lift-result
  • npm: npm install lift-result

then in your app:

var lift = require('lift-result')
var liftCPS = require('lift-result/cps')
var apply = require('lift-result/apply')
var sexpr = require('lift-result/sexpr')



decorate fn so it can receive promises as arguments. Return values will be unboxed wherever possible however errors will be caught and boxed with a promise since this means you don't have to handle sync and async errors separately.

var Result = require('result')
var add = lift(function(a, b){ return a + b })
add(1, 2) // => 3
add(Result.wrap(1), 2) // => 3
var one = new Result
var answer = add(one, 2) // => new Result
answer.value // => 3


decorate a node function so it can receive Results as arguments and will return a result rather than take a callback as its last argument.

var fs = require('fs')
var readFile = liftCPS(fs.readFile)
  buf // => fs.readFileSync('')

apply(..., fn)

apply arguments to the last argument

apply(Result.wrap(1), 2, Array) // => [1, 2]

sexpr(fn, ...)

apply rest of args to fn

sexpr(Array, Result.wrap(1), 2) // => [1, 2]