A Javascript toolkit to speed up the development of graph visualization and interaction applications.

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A JavaScript library to visualize and interact with graphs.

Linkurious.js is an active fork of Sigma.js. It's dual-licensed under both GPLv3 and a commercial license for proprietary projects.

The library is used by Linkurious SAS as the main building block for the Linkurious product.

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Getting started

For prototyping, you can directly use rawgit:

<script src=""></script>

And look at the examples.

Getting help

The easiest way is to file an issue. You can also ask on StackOverflow if you want more general help with JavaScript and gitter if you want to chat with us.

Building the library

git clone

You can try the examples in the examples/ directory to see how to use sigma.

To build the code:

  • git clone
  • Install Node.js.
  • Install gjslint.
  • Use npm install to install dev dependencies.
  • Use npm run build make the minified files (sigma.min.js, plugins) under the build/ folder.

You can customize the build by adding or removing files from the coreJsFiles array in Gruntfile.js before applying the grunt task.

You can get the latest release directly from the dist/ without having to build it yourself.

Why linkurious.js?

At Linkurious SAS we are big fans of Sigma.js. We use it extensively in our applications because it is an efficient graph viewer, but application developers like us need more high level and integration-ready features to create smart graph applications. We have thus developed more than 20 plugins and improved the core of Sigma with enhanced interaction features.

We define our mission as follows:

  1. To work on core fixes and core improvements in collaboration with the Sigma.js team.
  2. To develop integration-ready features such as filters, tooltips, or Excel exporter.
  3. To provide professional support for developers to succeed in their projects.


You should consider linkurious.js as your primary toolkit for building graph-based applications on the Web if you need:

  • to ship your solution quickly;
  • to focus on the core value of your application;
  • to display large graphs (i.e. larger than 2000 nodes and 5000 edges);
  • to interact with the graph visualization;
  • development support.

Browser Support

All modern web browsers are supported, including:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 23+ and Chromium
  • Firefox 15+
  • Safari 6+

Touch events on tablet and mobile are currently supported as beta features.


See our performance guide to learn more.

External Dependencies

Linkurious.js comes with no external dependency, making it compatible with any Javascript framework and library. We integrate it with Angular.js in a Linkurious product.

A few plugins may require external dependencies. Please check their README files.


You can contribute by submitting issues tickets and proposing pull requests. Make sure that tests and linting pass before submitting any pull request by running the command grunt.

See How to fix bugs and to How to develop plugins.

The whole source code is validated by the Google Closure Linter and JSHint, and the comments are written in JSDoc (tags description is available here).


The linkurious.js toolkit is dual-licensed, available under both commercial and open-source licenses. The open-source license is the GNU General Public License v.3 ("GPL"). In addition to GPL, the Linkurious.js toolkit is available under commercial license terms from Linkurious SAS.

GPL has been chosen as the open-source license for linkurious.js, because it provides the following four degrees of freedom:

  1. The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  2. The freedom to study how the program works and adapt it to specific needs.
  3. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
  4. The freedom to improve the program and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits.

These four degrees of freedom are very important for the success of linkurious.js, and it is important that all users of linkurious.js under GPL adhere to these and fully meet all the requirements set by the GPL. It is recommended that a thorough legal analysis is conducted when choosing to use the GPL or other open-source licenses. If your application restricts any of these freedoms, such as commercial or closed-source applications, then the GPL license is not suited and you must contact us to buy a commercial license at