jshint for literate-programming

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This is a plugin for litpro. Install that and then you can use this by requiring it in the lprc.js file.

It is automatically included in literate-programming.

This plugin provides a single command: jshint. It takes three arguments: options, globals, name

Options should be an object containing configuration options for JSHint. This can be conveniently created as an argument using the kv subcommand: | jshint kv(unused, true() )

The second argument is an array for globals. Just write them out. If you want to be able to write to them without a warning, use :true after the name. So for example jshint , arr($, console, require, state:true) would set those variables as globals and allow module to be written to.

The third argument is a name to be written associated with it. The default is roughly of the form BLOCK: ... FILE: ...