Load `request` module from either CWD or npm CLI directory

Usage no npm install needed!

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Load request module from either CWD or npm CLI directory.


To keep project dependencies smaller.

$ npm install request@2.83.0
$ du -sh ./node_modules
5.6M	./node_modules
$ npm install load-request-from-cwd-or-npm@2.0.0
$ du -sh ./node_modules
> 300K	./node_modules

If load-request-from-cwd-or-npm is installed to your project directory, you can use request module in your program even though it's not actually installed.

Also we have an option to use one of the request alternatives with smaller file size, but none of them can deal with a lot of edge cases related to networking and HTTP as request does.


Use npm.

npm install load-request-from-cwd-or-npm


const loadRequestFromCwdOrNpm = require('load-request-from-cwd-or-npm');


Return: Promise<Function>

It loads request module from either of these two directories:

  1. node_modules in the current working directory
  2. node_modules in the directory where npm CLI dependencies are installed.

If request ins't installed in CWD, it loads request from npm CLI directory.

// $ npm ls request
// > └── (empty)

(async () => {
  const request = await loadRequestFromCwdOrNpm();
  //=> {[Function: request] get: [Function], head: [Function], ...}

If request is installed in CWD, it compares package versions of the CWD one and the npm dependency one, then loads the newer one.

// $ npm ls request
// > └── request@1.9.9

(async () => {
  // Loaded from npm CLI directory because the CWD version is older
  const request = await loadRequestFromCwdOrNpm();

The returned promise will be fulfilled with request, or rejected when it fails to find the module from either directories.


ISC License © 201 - 2018 Shinnosuke Watanabe