This npm is a very simple and easy to use package for fortnite lobby bots!

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import lobbyBot from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/lobby-bot';


This npm is a very simple and easy to use package for fortnite lobby bots!

It takes just 3 lines of code to get your lobby bot up and running, its current commands are as follows:

!skin : Changes the players skin

!backpack : Changes the players backpack

!pickaxe : Changes the players pickaxe

!emote : Changes the players emote

!add : Adds a player via their epic name

!leave : Leaves the current lobby

!join : Joins the lobby of the person that messaged the bot

!new : Equips new skins found in the files (Sometimes it will equip very quickly, im working on a fix)

!info : Gathers information on an item

!shop : Lists all items in the shop

All commands must be done via the in game "whisper" feature (Essentially just dming the bot in the lobby). So your lobby bot cant be used by random people it does not auto accept friend requests, so before doing this make sure you've added the account you wish to make a lobby bot. This is a lobby bot this cant be taken in to games.

If your wondering just how easy it is to get this bot running, ill show you!

const lobbybot = require('lobby-bot')
const auth = "" // Get this auth key from http://fortniteapi.io/
lobbybot.login(auth, "pu/pr") // The auth is used to get cosmetic information and is needed, the pu/pr, if you have it as pu then it will auto accept friend requests and pr is the opposite.

Thats it! Your good to go!

This package is in beta, please excuse any bugs as i should fix them pretty quickly. This package wouldnt be possible without http://fortniteapi.io/ & https://www.npmjs.com/package/fnbr, thanks alot guys :)