Maintain a TLD on localhost for all your projects.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Local TLD

Local TLD maintains a local development top level domain that you can hook various projects into.

If you know pow, this is pow without the Rack part.

Mac OS X only, for the time being. Cross platform support desired, if you can contribute it! :)

Er what?

Here’s an example. What if you maintained two web projects A and B and have a local setup of both, and you’d like to work on the both at the same time, or switch easily, and you don’t want to mess with things like http://localhost:8888 because that is just annoying and ugly.

What if you could have these two nice addresses:


Yes, you can do that by messing with /etc/hosts, but it ain’t pretty, and you have to do it for every new project and it is ugly.


$ npm -g install local-tld
  # or for now git clone $thisrepo
$ $EDITOR ~/.local-tld.json
  "8000": {
    "name": "myfancyprojectA"
  "8001": {
    "name": "thatotherprojectB"

Dat it. /.local-tld.json maps the a subdomain to a TCP port. So if you have a httpd running on localhost:8000 you can now reach it by going to http://myfancyprojectA.dev.

I want my app to register itself with local-tld!

See https://github.com/hoodiehq/local-tld-lib

Ok cool, how does it work?

This uses a cool dynamic DNS system that is built into Mac OS X. Local TLD runs a minimal DNS lookup server that does the address translation magic.

No Original Work

This is all ripped out of pow, we don’t claim any credit.


Apache 2 License


(c) 2013 Jan Lehnardt jan@apache.org