A TypeScript enum of all locales, such as "en-US".

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  import localeEnum from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/locale-enum';


TypeScript Locale Enum

A TypeScript enum containing all locales, such as en-US or zh-Hant-HK. Uses mixed-case strings for locales (en-US, not en-us). Contains 495 locales.


npm i --save locale-enum


const Locale = require('locale-enum');
console.log(Locale.en_US); // "en-US"

Import using import:

import { Locale } from 'locale-enum';
console.log(Locale.fr_FR); // "fr-FR"

How about JavaScript?

You can use this in JavaScript too, this is especially handy if your IDE supports code completion.

const { Locale } = require('locale-enum');
console.log(Locale.pt_BR); // "pt-BR"

Note: the enum keys use underscores, while string values use dashes.

Pull requests and comments are welcome at the GitHub repo.