Modular log processing framework - the core module. http://logdis.io/

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LogDis is a logging framework which allows you to do whatever the hell you want. It's kinda like logstash, but easier to configure and use.

Seriously. Just try it.

It has inputs, filters and outputs.


Are event emitters.


Are synchronous. Take data, return data.


Are asynchronous. Take data, calls back when complete.


This example will read from StdIn, remove blank lines, convert each line to JSON, scrub the 'username' field, add a timestamp to each line, then write each line to stdout. The program will quit when stdin closes:

// core
var logdis = require('./logdis-core')

// inputs
var fromStdIn  = require('./logdis-input-stdin')()

// filters
var removeBlankLines = require('./logdis-filter-remove-blank-lines')()
var convertToJson = require('./logdis-filter-to-json')()
var scrub = require('./logdis-filter-scrub')({ scrub : { 'username' : true } })
var timestamp = require('./logdis-filter-timestamp')({ fieldname : 'timestamp', format : 'epoch' })

// outputs
var toStdOut = require('./logdis-output-stdout')()


Getting Started

You can use logdis programmatically, or through a configurable command line program.

Command Line

Install the logdis-cli package (which depends on logdis-core). Install any inputs, filters and outputs you'd like to use.

Then just run the command line and point to the config file:

$ logdis config.json

To mimick the above example, config.json would look like:

    "error" : "stderr",
    "pipeline" : [
            "type" : "input",
            "plugin" : "stdin"
            "type" : "filter",
            "plugin" : "remove-blank-lines" },
            "type" : "filter",
            "plugin" : "to-json"
            "type" : "filter",
            "plugin" : "scrub",
            "opts" : { scrub : [ 'username' ] }
            "type" : "filter",
            "plugin" : "to-json",
            "opts" : { "fieldname" : "timestamp", "format" : "epoch" },
            "type" : "output",
            "plugin" : "stdout"

Programmatic API

Decide what kinds of inputs, filters and outputs you'd like to use, then install them:

npm install --save logdis-core logdis-input-stdin logdis-filter-timestamp logdis-output-stdout

Then just create a logdis instance, configure and add those same inputs, filters and outputs.