login service for express

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login service for express

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> npm install login-plus


var express = require('express');
var app = express();
var bodyParser = require('body-parser');


var loginPlus = new (require('login-plus').Manager);

loginPlus.init(app,{ successRedirect:'/index' });

    function(username, password, done) {
        if(username === 'admin' && password === 'secret.pass'){
            done(null, {username: 'admin', when: Date()});
            done('username or password error');

        'user: '+req.session.passport.username+
        ' logged since '+req.session.passport.when

loginPlus.init(app, opts)

From this line on, loginPlus controls whether the session is logged. If not, it redirects to /login.

opts default opts use
loginPagePath internal [1] path to the .jade file that contains the login screen
loginPageServe jade motor function that serves the login page (use this function when a .jade file is not desired)
baseUrl / base URL for all other URLs
successRedirect mandatory successful login path
successReturns false returns to previous path when login
loginUrlPath /login URL to the login page
noLoggedUrlPath /login URL to the unlogged page where the authentification is required when trying to log in
failedLoginUrlPath /login URL to the failing login page
userFieldName username name of the "username" field
secret random key keys for cookies
alreadyLoggedIn successRedirect /login redirection when is already logged
skipCheckAlreadyLoggedIn false allows /login redirects to login page even if the user is already logged
php false hibrid login system mergin with PHP
.save_path path of PHP session files
.varLogged $SESSION variable name for login control
loginForm opciones del formulario de login
.usernameLabel Username username label
.passwordLabel Password password label
.buttonLabel Log In button label
.formTitle login form title
.formImg form image
.autoLogin false enable direct login from URL with ?u=user&p=pass&a=1
store.module null function that returns the constructor of the module to store sessions (it receive the express-session instance as first argument)

From this point on, the middlewares can access the data session contained in req.user.


It registers the function that the user must validate and in case of success, obtains the additional necessary information for the session (for example, role or level of permission) that will be available in req.session.passport