Getting logo for a BrandName from Twitter

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  import logoservice from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/logoservice';



Getting a Image for a Brand From Twitter.

I have always found a need to get a logo for a name, may be a Brand Name, Organization or anything. No public serivce is available for this. For this use case I have found a simple way of getting it from twitter.

For this use case, we will get the list of nouns from a brand name and search for users on twitter with those nouns. In the list of users so retreived we will use the profile image of user which as highest Followers/Following ratio.

Getting Started

npm install logoservice --save

Using service

var logoService = require('logoservice');
var LogoService = new logoService(TWITTER_CONFIG, RETURN_FIRST_RESULT);

TWITTER_CONFIG is the configuation of twitter application:

    consumer_key: '<VALUE>',
    consumer_secret: '<VALUE>',
    access_token_key: '<VALUE>',
    access_token_secret: '<VALUE>'

RETURN_FIRST_RESULT if set to true then first result is returned, if skipped or set to false then profile image of the best twitter account from the search result is returned.

Finally getting logo

LogoService.getLogoForName(brandname, function(err, data) {
            if (err || !data) {
                console.log('Unable to find logo correctly');
                sendResponse(404, '', res);
            } else {
                res.writeHead(302, {
                    'Location': data