Logging utility for node.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import logua from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/logua';




Logging utility for node. Displays colored package namespace in front and exits on error. Unless message ends in ".!?\n" a dot will be added to the end.

import { create } from 'logua'

// First create the log with the package context.
const log = create('my-pkg', 'blue')

log(`Found ${files} files`)

// => my-pkg Found 5 files.

log('Please add a description field', 'warning')

// => my-pkg Please add a description field.

log('package.json file is missing', 'error')

// => my-pkg package.json file is missing.
// => exits the process!

Available colors can be found in the chalk package.

Separate file

// log.js

import { create } from 'logua'

export const log = create('some-pkg', 'red')

Then import the contextualized log:

import { log } from './log.js'

log('Hello World')

// => some-pkg Hello World.

Grouping messages

To avoid spamming the log messages can be grouped. After a timeout a single message will be output instead of various messages.

const files = ['hello.js', 'world.js', 'more-files.js']

files.forEach((file) =>
  log(`Copying ${file}`, {
    // Some identifier for the group.
    group: 'copy',
    // Group message, used if there is more than one log for this id during the timeout.
    message: (count) => `Copying ${count} files`,
    // Optional timeout until messages are collected.
    timeout: 100,

// => Copying 3 files.