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  import lookerupper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/lookerupper';


:sparkles: :octocat: LookerUpper

MIT License

Copy to your clipboard a package's name and use CmdOrCtrl+Shift+L to lookup its documentation on GitHub




How do I install LookerUpper?

The latest release can be found on the release page.

We do not currently support Windows or Linux, but this package should work fine for those platforms if you build it yourself.

Why do you only publish an OS X version?

We welcome contributors to help with other platforms. We can't publish a version for Linux right now, since we would need to submit it to the PPA (don't have the time at the moment; because electron does not support Linux auto-updating).

Also, I can't get Windows builds to work due to wine, because on OS X Yosemite (my platform) I can't install wine using brew.

If anyone has insight into why I get this error, please advise.


Unfortunately due to limitations with electron, we can't completely use your clipboard's selection right now. I'm not 100% sure why yet; maybe someone can help here?

If you have questions or find a bug, please report it under Issues.

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Updates will be automatically downloaded and installed for you from releases on GitHub.

Here's how we publish a new version (after bumping version in package.json).

npm install -g electron-release
npm run dist
electron-release --app LookerUpper-darwin-x64/LookerUpper.app --token <githubtoken>



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