Utilities for generating Bluemix artifacts

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  import loopbackBluemix from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/loopback-bluemix';



Utilities for generating generate Bluemix artefacts


npm install loopback-bluemix


Before testing:

npm run create-bm-fixtures

To delete the fixtures:

npm run delete-bm-fixtures


loopback-bluemix exports the following properties and methods.


  • templatesDir: Path to the templates directory of the module
  • ds: Exports methods for prompting Bluemix datasource details
    • selectBluemixDatasource: Present Bluemix datasource selection options
    • promptServiceName: Prompt new Bluemix service details
    • getServicePlans: Get plans for supported data services
    • promptServicePlan: Prompt plan for new Bluemix service
    • provisionService: Provision new service
    • bindServiceToApp: Bind data service to current app (if already on Bluemix)
    • addDatasource: Add datasource to datasources-config.json
    • updatePipeline: Update the pipeline.yml file
  • cf: Exports methods for making requests to the Cloud Foundry API
    • bindService: Bind a service to an app
    • getApps: Get apps for the given parent
    • getCfConfig: Load ~/.cf/config.json
    • getDataServices: Get data management services with corresponding plans
    • getDataServiceInstances: Get data services for the given parent
    • getPath: Get resource path for the given parent and child
    • getOrganizations: Get all orgs
    • getResource: Get a cloud foundry resource
    • getSpaces: Get spaces for the given parent
    • getServices: Get services for the given parent
    • getServiceInstances: Get service instances for the given parent
    • getServicePlans: Get service plans for the given parent
    • getSupportedServices: Get supported data services
    • invokeResource: Invoke a cloud foundry resource
    • login: Log into Cloud Foundry
    • provisionService: Provision a service


  • addDefaultServices: Method for adding optional default services to the app
  • generateBluemixFiles: Method for generating Bluemix files and directory