LoopBack DataSoure Juggler

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LoopBack DataSource Juggler

LoopBack DataSource Juggler is an ORM that provides a common set of interfaces for interacting with databases, REST APIs, and other data sources. It was initially forked from JugglingDB.

For full documentation, see the official StrongLoop documentation: Connecting models to data sources

For information on creating data sources programmatically, see Advanced topics: data sources.

Supported versions

This module adopts the Module Long Term Support (LTS) policy, with the following End Of Life (EOL) dates:

Version Status Published EOL
4.x Current Oct 2018 Apr 2021 (minimum)
3.x Active LTS Dec 2016 Dec 2019
2.x Maintenance LTS Jul 2014 Apr 2019

Learn more about our LTS plan in the LoopBack documentation.


npm install loopback-datasource-juggler

Also install the appropriated connector, for example for mongodb:

npm install loopback-connector-mongodb

See StrongLoop Documentation for more information.