A lore hook that generates default actions from blueprints

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Loads all user defined actions, which will override any blueprints previously created. Also binds all the actions to the Redux store, so they can be accessed like lore.actions.todo.create(...) without having to call bindActionCreators and pass in the store's dispatch method.

Iterates through all models in lore.models and creates actions for all of them.

Dependant Hooks

Depends on the redux hook being run first as it needs to bind the actions to lore.store.

Needs to be run after the actionBlueprints hook or else the blueprints will override the user defined actions.

Needed improvements

Suggestions welcome if you think of something.

Example Usage

Given a project where a custom todo.create has been declared by creating a src/actions/todo/create.js file:


This hook will find it and expose it on lore.actions.todo.create. Custom actions can take two forms, a config object that primarily exists just to expose before and after hooks and modify the ActionTypes that the blueprints emit, or a function that serves as a full replacement of the default action.

Example replacement action:

// file: src/actions/todo/create.js

module.exports = function create(params) {
  return function(dispatch) {
    const model = new lore.models.todo(params);

    model.save().done(function() {
        type: ActionTypes.UPDATE_TODO,
        payload: payload(model, PayloadStates.RESOLVED)
    }).fail(function(response) {
      const error = response.responseJSON;
        type: ActionTypes.UPDATE_TODO,
        payload: payload(model, PayloadStates.ERROR_CREATING, error)

    return dispatch({
      type: ActionTypes.ADD_TODO,
      payload: payload(model, PayloadStates.CREATING)

Example blueprint modification through config

In this config object, we're modifying the default "onError" behavior to simply remove any todos that fail creation, but to log an error to the console.

// file: src/actions/todo/create.js

module.exports = {
  blueprint: 'create',

  model: lore.models.todo,

  optimistic: {
    actionType: ActionTypes.ADD_TODO,
    payloadState: PayloadStates.CREATING

  onSuccess: {
    actionType: ActionTypes.UPDATE_TODO,
    payloadState: PayloadStates.RESOLVED

  onError: {
    actionType: ActionTypes.REMOVE_TODO,
    payloadState: PayloadStates.ERROR_CREATING,
    beforeDispatch: function(response, args){
      lore.log.error('Oh no! The create called failed. Deleting todo.')