A lore hook that configures Redux and creates the store

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This hooks is responsible for creating the Redux Store and applying any desired middleware.

Dependant Hooks

Needs run after the reducers hook, since it needs them to build up the store.

Needed improvements

  1. Should maybe be renamed to store since the thing it creates is the Redux store, and the hook exposes it as lore.store.

Example Usage

Takes whatever middleware is specified in config/redux.js and applies it to Redux build steps for the Store. The default middleware is the redux-thunk middleware as it allows for asynchronous actions. So a redux.js config file that looks like this:

// file: config/redux.js
var thunk = require('redux-thunk');

module.exports = {
  middleware: [

is equivalent to the standard Redux Store build process that looks like this:

var Redux = require('redux');
var thunk = require('redux-thunk');
var createStore = Redux.createStore;
var combineReducers = Redux.combineReducers;
var compose = Redux.compose;
var applyMiddleware = Redux.applyMiddleware;

var finalCreateStore = compose([

var reducer = combineReducers({
  // your object of reducers

var store = finalCreateStore(reducer);

// expose store on Lore instance
lore.store = store;