Detects type of spatial file

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Mapbox File Sniff Build Status

Node module that returns spatial filetype.


With npm:

npm install -g mapbox-file-sniff

Javascript example

var filesniffer = require('mapbox-file-sniff');
var buffer = fs.readFileSync('path/to/data/file.geojson');

filesniffer.sniff(buffer, function(err, filetype){
    console.log(filetype); // => 'geojson'

filesniffer.waft(buffer, function(err, protocol) {
  console.log(protocol); // 'omnivore:'

filesniffer.quaff('path/to/data/file.geojson', true, function(err, protocol) {
  console.log(protocol); // => 'geojson'

CLI example

$ mapbox-file-type path/to/data/file.geojson
# geojson
$ mapbox-file-protocol path/to/data/file.geojson
# omnivore:
  • buffer: Buffer object of file contents (at least length 300)


sniff(buffer, callback)

Returns a string for the following filetypes:

  • Zipped shapefile: zip
  • Unziped shapefile: shp
  • GPX: gpx
  • KML: kml
  • GeoJSON: geojson
  • GeoTIFF: tif
  • Mbtiles: mbtiles
  • TileJSON: tilejson
  • Serialtiles: serialtiles
  • tm2z: tm2z
  • csv: csv

waft(buffer, callback)

Returns a string for the following tilelive protocols:

quaff(filepath, protocol, callback)

A wrapper around waft and sniff that lets you pass in a file path (read as a buffer) and protocol to either return the protocol (waft) or the file type (sniff).


Full test suite:

npm test

Run an individual test:

tape test/name.of.test.js