Plugin to create block-level custom containers for markdown-it markdown parser

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Plugin for creating block-level custom containers for markdown-it markdown parser.

v2.+ requires markdown-it v5.+, see changelog.

With this plugin you can create block containers like:

::: warning
*here be dragons*

.... and specify how they should be rendered. If no renderer defined, <div> with container name class will be created:

<div class="warning">
<em>here be dragons</em>

Markup is the same as for fenced code blocks. Difference is, that marker use another character and content is rendered as markdown markup.


node.js, browser:

$ npm install markdown-it-container --save
$ bower install markdown-it-container --save


var md = require('markdown-it')()
            .use(require('markdown-it-container'), name [, options]);


  • name - container name (mandatory)
  • options:
    • validate - optional, function to validate tail after opening marker, should return true on success.
    • render - optional, renderer function for opening/closing tokens.
    • marker - optional (:), character to use in delimiter.


var md = require('markdown-it')();

md.use(require('markdown-it-container'), 'spoiler', {

  validate: function(params) {
    return params.trim().match(/^spoiler\s+(.*)$/);

  render: function (tokens, idx) {
    var m = tokens[idx].info.trim().match(/^spoiler\s+(.*)$/);

    if (tokens[idx].nesting === 1) {
      // opening tag
      return '<details><summary>' + md.utils.escapeHtml(m[1]) + '</summary>\n';

    } else {
      // closing tag
      return '</details>\n';

console.log(md.render('::: spoiler click me\n*content*\n:::\n'));

// Output:
// <details><summary>click me</summary>
// <p><em>content</em></p>
// </details>