Common, universal constants for the Firefox Marketplace

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Marketplace Constants

Global constants for the Firefox Marketplace, available in both JS and Python.

This package is on:

To generate the constants, run:




>>> from mpconstants import payments
{1: 'passed', 2: 'failed'}

To deploy, bump the version in and push to Github. Travis will take care of the rest.


bower install marketplace-constants

The package will consist of a directory of UMD-style JS modules among other stuff that you can copy and require into your project.

To deploy, bump the version in bower.json and push a git tag to Github.



> var c = require('./mpconstants.js')
> c('payments')['PAYMENT_STATUSES']
  { '1': 'passed',
    '2': 'failed' }

To deploy, bump the version in package.json, and run npm publish.

Data Sources

The content of these files are generated from multiple sources:

  • Python code from this repository (originally copied out of the various marketplace repositories)
  • JSON code pulled from the Mozilla SVN servers

If you want to update any constants from SVN, or add in any new constants, then run the generate script to build out the new files once you are done. Compare the differences, then add or remove any files from git and commit.