Client for interacting with the Mashery V3 REST API.

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Mashery REST API Client

Node.js client for the Mashery REST API (v3).

Getting Started

Install the module with npm install mashery-client -g

var mashery = require('mashery');

// initialize the API client
var api = mashery.init({
    user: '<user_id>',
    pass: '<user_pass>',
    key: '<api_key>',
    secret: '<api_secret>',
    areaUuid: '<area_uuid>'

// note authentication will be automatically handled for you

// list all services
apiClient.methods.fetchAllServices({}, function(serviceData, serviceRawResponse){
    console.log(JSON.stringify(serviceData, null, 4));

// add an endpoint to an existing service
var args = {
    path: { serviceId: '<service_id>' },
    data: {<JSON_object_representing_endpoint>}

apiClient.methods.createServiceEndpoint(args, function(epData, epRawResponse){
    console.log(JSON.stringify(epData, null, 4));

Supported Methods


Service Documentation

Method Args
fetchService id
updateService id
deleteService id


Endpoint Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllServiceEndpoints id
fetchServiceEndpoint serviceId, id
createServiceEndpoint serviceId
updateServiceEndpoint serviceId, id
deleteServiceEndpoint serviceId, id


Method Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllEndpointMethods serviceId, endpointId
fetchEndpointMethod serviceId, endpointId, id
createEndpointMethod serviceId, endpointId
updateEndpointMethod serviceId, endpointId, id
deleteEndpointMethod serviceId, endpointId, id

Service Cache

Service Cache Documentation

Method Args
fetchSecurityProfile serviceId
updateSecurityProfile serviceId
deleteSecurityProfile serviceId

Service Error Sets

Service Error Set Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllServiceErrorSets id
fetchServiceErrorSet serviceId, id
createServiceErrorSet serviceId
updateServiceErrorSet serviceId, id
deleteServiceErrorSet serviceId, id

Service Error Set Messages

Service Error Set Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllErrorMessages serviceId, errorSetId
fetchErrorMessage serviceId, errorSetId, id
createErrorMessage serviceId, errorSetId
updateErrorMessage serviceId, errorSetId, id
deleteErrorMessage serviceId, errorSetId, id

Endpoint Cache

Cache Documentation

Method Args
fetchEndpointCache serviceId, endpointId
createEndpointCache serviceId, endpointId
updateEndpointCache serviceId, endpointId
deleteEndpointCache serviceId, endpointId

Security Profile

Security Profile Documentation

Method Args
fetchSecurityProfile serviceId
updateSecurityProfile serviceId
deleteSecurityProfile serviceId

Security Profile - OAuth

Security Profile Documentation

Method Args
fetchSecurityProfileOAuth serviceId
updateSecurityProfileOAuth serviceId
deleteSecurityProfileOAuth serviceId

Response Filters

Response Filter Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllResponseFilters serviceId, endpointId, methodId
fetchResponseFilter serviceId, endpointId, methodId, id
createResponseFilter serviceId, endpointId, methodId
updateResponseFilter serviceId, endpointId, methodId, id
deleteResponseFilter serviceId, endpointId, methodId, id

Scheduled Maintenance Event

Scheduled Maintenance Documentation

Method Args
fetchScheduledEvent serviceId, endpointId
createScheduledEvent serviceId, endpointId
updateScheduledEvent serviceId, endpointId
deleteScheduledEvent serviceId, endpointId


CORS Documentation

Method Args
fetchCORS serviceId, endpointId
createCORS serviceId, endpointId
updateCORS serviceId, endpointId
deleteCORS serviceId, endpointId

System Domain Authentication

CORS Documentation

Method Args
fetchSysAuth serviceId, endpointId
createSysAuth serviceId, endpointId
updateSysAuth serviceId, endpointId
deleteSysAuth serviceId, endpointId

Service Roles

Role Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllServiceRoles id
fetchServiceRole serviceId, id
createServiceRole serviceId
updateServiceRole serviceId, id
deleteServiceRole serviceId, id


Package Documentation

Method Args
fetchPackage id
updatePackage id
deletePackage id

Package Keys

Package Keys Documentation

Method Args
fetchPackageKey id
updatePackageKey id
deletePackageKey id


Plan Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllPlans packageId
fetchPlan packageId, id
createPlan packageId

Plan Services

Plan Services Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllPlanServices packageId, planId
fetchAllPlanServicesForService packageId, planId, id
createPlanService packageId, planId
createPlanEndpoint packageId, planId, serviceId
createPlanMethod packageId, planId, serviceId, endpointId


Method Args Documentation
fetchAllDomains Domains
fetchPublicDomains Public Domains
fetchPublicDomainFQDNs FQDN
fetchSystemDomains System Domain


Roles Documentation

Method Args

Scheduled Maintenance Events

Scheduled Maintenance Documentation

Method Args
fetchScheduledMaintenance id
updateScheduledMaintenance id
deleteScheduledMaintenance id

Scheduled Maintenance Event Endpoints

Scheduled Maintenance Endpoint Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllScheduledMaintenanceEndpoints maintenanceId
fetchScheduledMaintenanceEndpoint maintenanceId, id
createScheduledMaintenanceEndpoint maintenanceId
updateScheduledMaintenanceEndpoint maintenanceId, id
deleteScheduledMaintenanceEndpoint maintenanceId, id

Email Template Sets

Email Template Set Documentation

Method Args
fetchEmailTemplateSet id
updateEmailTemplateSet id
deleteEmailTemplateSet id

Email Templates

Email Templates Documentation

Method Args
fetchAllEmailTemplates emailSetId
fetchEmailTemplate emailSetId, id
createEmailTemplate emailSetId
updateEmailTemplate emailSetId, id
deleteEmailTemplate emailSetId, id


Brian Antonelli

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) 2016 Cox Automotive

Licensed under the MIT License (the "License"); you may not use this work except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License in the COPYING file.

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