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mason-js: a javascript client for mason

Why mason-js?

Mason-js is a JS client for Mason, the C++ package manager.

This project is:

  • The first standalone cross-platform client for Mason.
  • Makes installing packages seamless for node c++ addons.
  • Could also be used in stacks that have nodejs as a dep.
  • We are able to remove mason’s custom install scripts and house all of our logic in a JS client. Diff of install script vs mason-js in node-cpp-skel.

How to use this?

Install all package dependencies

mason-js install

  • installs all packages from the mason-versions.ini file

Example mason-versions.ini:


Symlink Installed Packages

mason-js link

  • symlinks packages

Install a Single Package

mason-js <package>=<version> --type=[header or compiled]

  • installs a single package


mason-js protozero=1.5.1 --type=header

What is V1?

  • Ability to install all packages from a mason-versions.ini file
  • Ability to link all packages from a mason-versions.ini file
  • Ability to install a single package
  • Available on Mac, Linux, and Windows environments
    • Tests via CircleCI & Apprevyor

In short, mason-js:

  1. Reads a mason-versions.ini file in the root directory of a project.
  2. Installs header only and precompiled packages from the S3 bucket mason-binaries into a mason-packages folder
  3. Creates symlinks a .link directory to package executables

Remote Package Paths**:**

  • Header-only: s3://mason-binaries/headers/{package}/{version}.tar.gz

  • Binaries: s3://mason-binaries/{MASON_PLATFORM}-{MASON_PLATFORM_VERSION}/{package}/{version}.tar.gz

Note: The value of MASON_PLATFORM_VERSION is determined per platform.

Local Package Paths:

  • Header-only: ./mason_packages/headers/{package}/{version}/<source files>

    • e.g. mason_packages/headers/vtzero/556fac5/include/vtzero/vector_tile.hpp
  • Binaries: ./mason_packages/{platform}-{arch}/{package}/{version}/<files>

    • e.g. mason_packages/osx-x86_64/gdal/2.2.1/bin/ogr2ogr
  • Linked folder: ./mason_packages/.link/<files>

    • e.g. mason_packages/.link/lib/libpng.a


Install Local Dependencies

npm install

npm link

Run Tests

npm test

Make commands

The Make file has a series of commands that run a Docker container locally. By using these commands, you’re able to simulate staging/production environments locally.

Make sure to set your NPMAccessToken in your environment before running any make commands.

  • make bash - opens a terminal shell session in your Docker image
  • make build - build your Docker image locally
  • make run - send a message to the queue. (this command runs make build first)
  • make test - run tests