Responsible for loading all web modules and running them.

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The Master App is an application layer that wraps the client-side web modules of the various Advanced Algos platform modules (Users, Teams, KeyVault, Financial Beings, Hosts, etc). It provides, to these modules, an authentication layer and GraphQL data layer, among other commonly used utilities and APIs.

Each client-side module is published as an NPM package and their function is best described as a React higher-order component encasing their given module use cases.

Developing with the Master App

Getting Started

Clone the repo.

git clone
cd MasterApp

Setup Server

cd server
npm install

Rename .env.example to .env

Start the server:

npm run start

The Graphql Playground will be viewable at http://localhost:4100/graphql

Setup Client

In another CLI window, navigate to the MasterAoo/client

cd ../client
npm install

Rename .env.example to .env. Get Auth0 Client ID from team member

Start the client:

npm run dev

# or if on windows
npm run dev_win

Working with existing modules

Using the npm link command, we can develop a module locally before publishing as a package on npm.

In the client of the module to be developed:

npm link

Make note of the module package name — the name in the module's client package.json. e.g. @advancedalgos/key-vault-client

In the Master app client dir link the developing module:

# in MasterApp/client
npm link <module-package-name>

npm link @advancedalgos/key-vault-client

Starting a new module

We are currently developing a boilerplate that will accelerate starting a new module and works easily within the MasterApp.