Adds array support to node-glob, sync and async. Also supports tilde expansion (user home) and resolving to global npm modules.

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Adds array support to node-glob, sync and async. Also supports tilde expansion (user home) and resolving to global npm modules.

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Install with npm (requires Node.js >=10):

$ npm install --save matched


const glob = require('matched');
// async signature
glob(patterns[, options]);

// sync signature
glob.sync(patterns[, options]);
  • patterns (string|array) - one or more glob patterns
  • options - options to pass to node-glob;

Also note that if non-glob file paths are passed, only paths that exist on the file system will be returned.


  .then(files => console.log(files)) //=> ['a.txt', 'b.txt', 'c.txt']

// or with async-await
(async() => {
  const files = await glob('*.txt');
  //=> ['foo.txt', 'bar.txt']


glob(['*.js'], (err, files) => {
  //=> ['utils.js', 'index.js']


const files = glob.sync(['*.js']);
//=> ['utils.js', 'index.js']


All methods take an options object to be forwarded to node-glob as the second argument.

const files = glob(['*.js'], { cwd: 'test' });
//=> ['test.js']


  • Adds support for options.onMatch() which is passed to node-glob as a listener for the match event.
  • Adds support for options.onFiles() to allow the user to get the files returned by each glob pattern.
  • Small optimizations in logic for handling non-glob patterns that are passed for matching literal file names.



  • Removes cache property from results array.
  • Optimizations


  • Exposes a non-enumerable cache property on the returned files array. This is a patch release since the property does not change the existing API and should not otherwise effect behavior or results.



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

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