Colors of Google's Material Design made available to coders

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Material Colors

Colors from Google's Material Design made available to coders.

The colors are scraped from the guide. The idea to publish colors in multiple forms is stolen from mrmrs/colors.

Available Forms

  • CSS: Classes for prototyping such as .color-red-100, .bg-red-100, .border-red-100, .fill-red-100 and .stroke-red-100.
  • CSS variables such as --md-red-100.
  • Sass, Scss: Color variables such as $md-red-100.
  • Less: Color variables such as @md-red-100.
  • Stylus: Color variables such as md-red-100.
  • JSON: Raw data of colors. Key names are hypenated. e.g. deep-purple
  • JavaScript: Color set object provided via AMD, CommonJS or global variable materialColor. Key names are camelCase. e.g. deepPurple
  • EcmaScript module: Color variables are exported as camelCase names.

See dist directory or demo for more details.



Download what you like from dist directory and use it.


bower install material-colors

and use what you like in bower_components/material-colors/dist.


npm install material-colors