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  import materialDesignIconsSvg from '';



This module contains all icons from and gives you some methods to load them in your browser (assumed you're using browserify/webpack/another commonjs module loader).


npm install material-design-icons-svg


// Load all 1600 material design icons, ~170kb gzipped
var paths = require('material-design-icons-svg/paths')
var icons = require('material-design-icons-svg')(paths)

// Then you can use it wherever you like
var svg = icons.getSVG('access-point')
// returns inline svg
// <svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24"><path d="M4.93,4....0Z" /></svg>


// OR if you care about render performance

// You can load icons using the `<use>` notation.
icons.initialize(document.body) // Appends all icons to document.body
var icon = icons.getIcon('access-point')
// returns reference to initialized svg
// <svg>
//   <use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="#deviantart">
//   </use>
// </svg>

// You can also load specific icons if you don't like to load a ton of unused icons into your app
var icons = require('material-design-icons-svg')({
  'account': require('material-design-icons-svg/paths/account'),
  'menu': require('material-design-icons-svg/paths/menu')

var svg = icons.getSVG('menu')
// Returns inline svg of `menu` icon


Check out ./example.js

node example.js