Accessibility test module for components

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An automated accessibility checker

Automated accessibility test module that as opposed to many static anylisis tools in existence, employs headless browser environment through puppeteer in order to render the target components in A way they would eventually appear in the consuming service and test them with axe-core against accessibility violations. With this approach developers can get more accurate report whether their yet-to-be-preprocessed content such as JSX will conform to accessibility standards.

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  1. Install NodeJS >= v0.12.0 and NPM >= v3.0.0, if you don't have it yet. You can find it here.

  2. Install local dependencies:

npm install


The tool exposes an executable that can be used to set up the testing environment and start the accessibility tests.

Add to the package

"devDependency": {
  "metal-a11y": "^1.0.0",


metal-a11y [options]

  -h, --help      Show help                                            [boolean]
  -v, --version   Show version number                                  [boolean]
  -p, --packages  Execute a11y against all project in the specified directory
  -r, --root      Specifies the document root of the test server
  -c, --content   relative URL where the testable content can be found


Test your HTML content

Provided your production ready html content is placed in project's build/ folder and your entry point is index.html.

metal-a11y --root ./build --content index.html

Test multiple contents

You are able to execute the tests against multitple HTML contents. Provided your components production ready html content are placed in components/[component_name]/build folder and the entry points are demo.html.

metal-a11y --packages ./components --root ./build --content demo.html