Microfrontend workshop - A collection of Page components

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  import microFrontendReactPages from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/micro-frontend-react-pages';



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Microfrontend workshop - A collection of Page components

All the page components in a single place.

This will be our first step in the workshop. After that we can refactor, improve and decouple our code.


yarn add micro-frontend-react-pages
# or 
npm install micro-frontend-react-pages

For more details, see src/js/export.js

Code Architecture

Check out the generator-poi@3.0.1 docs for info on the repo layout, structure and meaning.

Publishing the package

This project is using np as publisher helper. For more information, please check np documentation

NPM Commands

Component commands

  • npm run start: start component page example using react-storybook;
  • npm run watch: start component page in watch mode example using react-storybook,
  • npm run demo:deploy: Publishing your component page in your Github Page
  • npm run build:page: Creates your page bundle;
  • npm run build:library: Creates your component bundle to be published in your NPM repository (public or private). This bundle will NOT include react-storybook and other development dependencies;
  • npm run serve:dist: Creates a server based on the component page that will be deployed in your Github Page. This command is used to check the results locally before you deploy your component example page;
  • npm run test: Running unit tests using MochaJS
  • npm run tdd: Running unit tests using MochaJS in watch mode. It will help you to create a component using Test Driven Development approach

Changes and history