Ruby Sass engine for Mincer

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  import mincerRubySass from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/mincer-ruby-sass';


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Mincer Sass/SCSS engine that uses official Ruby Sass engine with Sourcemap support.


  • This package assumes you have the Ruby Sass gem installed. We do not use the gem's provided binary file, but we do require 'sass'. We use our own "bin" file internally to add invalidation functionality by making Mincer dependOn each individual file included in the .scss file.

Sourcemap Support

Sourcemap support is still a little experimental. In our own local testing, we found that @imported files often fail when accessed/compiled directly, since mixins and variables are not avaiable. To allow accessing those files directly, there is a setShowRawOutput method to define a custom predicate to determine whether to show raw ouput vs. compiled Sass output. If your predicate returns a truthy value, then the raw file contents will be shown, instead of the compiled Sass. An example usage can be found below.


var sassEngine = require('mincer-ruby-sass');

var COMPILED_STYLESHEETS = /stylehseets\/(app|mobile)\./;

sassEngine.setShowRawOutput(function (path) {
  return !COMPILED_STYLESHEETS.test(path);

This will show the raw output for any path that does not match the defined regex, in this case, the app.(s)css and mobile.(s)css paths. So, any @imported assets will show their raw contents, while the two files above will show the compiled contents.