Read and process minidump file

Usage no npm install needed!

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minidump - Process minidump files



npm install minidump

Building (for development)

  • git clone --recurse-submodules
  • npm install


var minidump = require('minidump');

minidump.addSymbolPath(path1, ..., pathN)

Add search paths for looking up symbol files.

minidump.walkStack(minidumpFilePath, [symbolPaths, ]callback)

Get the stack trace from minidumpFilePath, the callback would be called with callback(error, report) upon completion.

minidump.dump(minidumpFilePath, callback)

Parse and dump the raw contents of the minidump as text using minidump_dump.

minidump.dumpSymbol(binaryPath, callback)

Dump debug symbols in minidump format from binaryPath, the callback would be called with callback(error, minidump) upon completion.

Releasing a new npm version

  • Change the version in package.json, make a new git tag, and push it to GitHub.

  • Wait until the GitHub Actions on the master branch pass.

  • The artifacts of the latest GitHub Action run should be downloaded and placed under the bin folder (replacing the old folder if it exists).

    The bin folder should look like the following.

  • Then:

    npm publish