This module generates detailed mocha test running report and send to the slack communication channel by using provided slack webhook url.

Usage no npm install needed!

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This is a Node.js module that gives detailed report about your tests excution on any CI server such as Jenkins, CircleCI etc.


  • Easy report to the slack channel by using webhooks
  • Test run summary
  • List of failed test along with their suite name
  • Error stack of the failed test

How to use

Install the module by using below command npm install mocha-ci-reporter It is recommended to use mocha programitically to configure your report in efficient way. Please take a look at below code.

const Mocha = require('mocha')
const mocha = new Mocha({
    reporter: 'mocha-ci-reporter',
        slack: {
            url:'<Webhook url>',
            channel: 'general',
            username: 'medaamarnadh'
        title: 'Statement And Payments Runner'            

const testDir = process.cwd()+'/test/'
const testSpecs = [
testSpecs.forEach(filePath => {
    mocha.addFile(path.join(testDir, filePath))

The example output for the slack report looks like below.  The image is not supporting