mocha-csslint -------- Run CSSLint as a Mocha test.

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Run CSSLint as Mocha tests.

To install in your node.js project as devDependency, run this command, in the root of your project

npm install mocha-csslint --save-dev --save-exact


Mocha defaults to looking for your test specs in the test folder of your project. Add this file as test/csslint.spec.js in your project, with the following content:


You should point to the place where you keep your css files instead of '/client/static/css' above.

That is it you are done.

You can still specify you csslint options in a .csslintrc file in the root of your project (see this project for an example)

To grep only the CSSLint test, just do

mocha --grep csslint

If you want to run CSSLint on several separate folders you can do:

require('mocha-csslint')(['/client/static/css', '/clinet2/css']);


This module was created to:

  • Make adding CSSLint testing to a project using Mocha as easy as possible
  • Make it easy to piggyback on all the different Mocha reporters (dot, spec, teamcity etc) for CSSLint output
  • Make sure that you get a click-able link directly to the problem in WebStorm, when CSSLint fails
  • Make sure that there is no unnecessary noise in the test output